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  • Specialty Coffee Week Sacramento

    $1000 Donation to Rain Harvest Project at Escuela Balbina de Ortega, Guatemala

    Thanks Sacramento for making our first Specialty Coffee Week so fantastic.  We had over 40 events all over town with Cafes, Coffee Roasters, Restaurants and Breweries helping to celebrate.  During our events at Chocolate Fish we collected donations and any fee for classes or profit from events became a donation to the Rain Harvest Project for the school closest to Finca La Merced in Guatemala.  

    We were fortunate to have our coffee producer and friend, Juan Louis Barrios here for the week.  We kept him very busy with many activites including Head Judge for the Home Roasters competition with his coffee.  He meet customers and drink an IPA made with Finca La Merced  at Track 7 Brewery,  Juan Louis also joined us to answer many questions at the Coffee Tasting Class and the Home Brewing Class,  He presented a slide show and talk about his farm one eveing and was our special guest at the Coffee Inspired Pop up Dinner by Chef Mike Fagnoni of Hawks Restaurant here at our Folsm Blvd Location and finally he judged a Coffee Cocktail competition at Hook and Ladder.  



    Sacramento will host the first Specialty Coffee Week October 13th-19th with events all over town.  Our events are centered around Education, Competition, and pushing the boundaries of coffee.  


    We are sponsoring our coffee producer Juan Luis Barrios from Finca La Merced, Guatemala to be here this week and centered events around meeting and talking to him.


    We'll be offering a different brewing method on our brew bar each day, See how a French Press, Aeropress, Clever Dripper and V 60 can influence the taste in your cup.  


    Friday night Slide Show and talk from Juan Luis Barrios.  Learn about coffee coffee growing, processing and his direct relationship us his Roaster.


    POP UP ESPRESSO BAR in Land Park Wed thru Fri at Masullo's on Riverside 6:30am - 11am 


    TRACK 7 has made 2 beers with our coffee, we'll be at the brewery on Thursday night from 6-8pm with Juan Luis Barrios to drink a Firkin made with his coffee.


    We've got a Sold Out Dinner on the Saturday with Chef Mike Fagnoni of Hawks Restaurant, he'll be creating a 4 course dinner with coffee as an ingredient in each course.

    Join us for all our events, see more on the event page


  • Caffiene Crawl comes to Sacramento

    September 6th 10:30 -2:30

    Kick off at the Roastery for route 1 & 2, hear our storey, taste our Nitro coffee and then you're off to the next stop.  We'll all meet up again at the end of the crawl at Temple to continue to celebrate Specialty Coffee here in Sacramento.  Get your tickets now


  • Coffee Inspired Dinner

    Chef Christopher Davis-Murai of the Thirsty Fork inside Oak Park Brewery created a 4 course Dinner with Coffee as an ingredient in each course on Sat July 12th.  Using our Direct Relationship Coffees from Los Popitos in Honduras, Finca La Merced in Guatemala, and Cerro San Luis in Costa Rica, Chef Davis-Murai and his team created dishes that highlighted the coffees intrinsic flavors.  We started with a Champagne Cocktail made with a cascara syrup by Edie and our Nitro Coffees of course.  The Dinner included a Coffee glazed black bean tartlet, Grilled endive with Coffee Caesar dressing (that Chef should bottle and sell), Coffee & Apricot Lamb shanks and ended with a orange/coffee sugar spun ricotta cheese cake.  Guests made new friends, learned more about specialty coffee ate and drank themselves thru an outstanding evening.  Stay tuned for more pop up dinners here at the Roastery.


    Our new Nitro infused Iced Coffee dubbed the "Morning Beer" has hit Sacramento by storm.  After a short interview on CBS13 the news article was picked up as far away as Florida and brought in all the coffee enthusiasts from around the area to try our new drink.  "It has a creamy mouthfeel and a sweet caramel aftertaste" states CFCR Coffee Roaster Nathan Welsh, who's loving the fact that people are so excited to drink this daily.  

    Served in a proper tulip glass the Morning Beer looks just like a Guiness, or since it's a lighter body coffee, a Boddington. It almost fools you as it looks so much like beer.  When drinking it, the mind is thinking beer, but then you recieve a distinctive sweet, creamy, and incredibly tasty glass of iced coffee. This spring and summer's gonna be great with our Morning Beer on tap at the Folsom Blvd Location.  Hook and Ladder, on 17th & S, will be serving it up soon with a special blend of our coffees made just for them.

  • Chef Kevin O'Connor Coffee Inspired Dinner

    Join us on February 8th for a Coffee Inspired Dinner here at the Roastery on Folsom Blvd.  Sacramento Chef Kevin O'Conner will create a 4 course dinner with Coffee as an ingredient in each course.  This time it's BYOB, you'll begin the evening greeted by an espresso cocktail to get you going.  Limited Seating Tickets available at both locations Drinks begin at 6pm $50 pp.  Don't miss out, this dinner haas been extremely popular and sells out fast.

  • Sacramento Bacon Fest Week

    Come in  on Friday 1/24 for a BACON FLAT WHITE.   Great thanks to Chef Jason Azevedo from Mighty Tavern who is the king of all things bacon.  Jason also has a company called Testa Duro Salumi where you can purchase his Charchuterie.  Look for it on FB and you'll be in hog heaven for ever!  Thanks Chef Jason


  • Meet our Guatemalan Coffee Producer


    Juan Luis Barrios will talk about Coffee production and his latest improvements to his farm and wet mill.  

    We'll be tasting coffees from Finca La Merced and El Retiro Del Quisaya as well as an Espresso blend from both of these farms.   

    We've had a relationship with Juan Luis for the past 4 seasons and started purchasing Directly last year.  Because of this relationship we recieve a Special Micro Lot of seperated Bourbon varietal only.  

    Don't miss this unique opportunity to meet him and learn more about his coffees.


    We’re doing it again, a coffee inspired pop up dinner at Chocolate Fish Coffee Roasters.

    This time we have Chef Michael Thiemann who recently returned to Sacramento to open 2 new restaurants.
    This will be the first collaboration between Chef Thiemann’s newest restaurant Mother, opening later this year in midtown Sacramento, and Chocolate Fish Coffee Roasters.

    We’re very excited to have this event, after tasting coffee’s with Michael we realize what a coffee geek he is, he’s cooked with coffee in many different forms but looking forward to more experimentation for this dinner.
    After our initial tasting we sent him away with many different single origin coffee beans, cascara and some green coffee too.

    Instead of pairing with wine we are collaborating with our local brewery Track7, to create a coffee infused lighter style beer.
    Can’t give it all away but it should be a great evening. 1/2 the tickets were sold in the first day, limited seating so come in to the Roastery on Folsom Blvd to get your ticket to the dinner on October 19th.

  • California Food Literacy Month

    Help raise funds for CA Food Literacy.  Did you know that 40% of our kids in Sacramento are overweight?  We are matching $1 for $1 donations to help this organization get out to teach more children how to eat healthy.  Donate when you purchase your coffee this month. Learn more

  • Cerro San Luis is here and Fantastic

    In only their 3rd year of milling their own coffee, the Delgados have excelled in perfecting the process of producing wonderful coffees.... This year we are fortunate to have their full Honey processed coffee where the outer skin is removed using a mechanical de-mucilager eliminating the need for water. The beans encased in their mucilage (pulp) are then layed out on raised drying beds under a Solar dryer. The beans are turned by hand every hour for 8 hours a day creating a beautiful Honey like body. The care and love that Alexander and Sara put into their farm is evident in the resulting quality of their coffee. In the cup you will find a wonderful Peach and Fig sweetness, lively Stonefruit Acidity and a honey like body. Put simply, just an amazingly elegant coffee. Get some here


    Have you ever had a 4 course dinner with Coffee in each ingredient???  We challenged Chef Aimal Formoli of Formolis Bistro in East Sac to do just this.  It started with a coffee tasting of our current offerings.  We discussed the Sweetness and Fruit Acidity we tasted in the coffees and how different brewing methods could highlight different flavors he could use to create dishes for his menu.  Chef Aimal threw loads of fun ideas on the table, he left with his head spinning, a grin on his face and us feeling excited about our 1st Coffee Challenge.  So we're having a dinner party here at CFCR,Folsom Blvd, on July 27th 6:30 pm.  Tickets are on sale now at the coffeehouse, limited to 30 guests $50 pp.  Hurry this is going to be EPIC!

  • East Sacramento is the place to be

    We've been open almost a month now at 48th & Folsom Blvd. The new Diedrich is in place with all permits in hand, we plan to begin Roasting Coffee this week.  Our neighborhood has been ever so welcoming, they make us smile every day.

    Stay tuned for classes starting in June, come in and meet our wonderful Baristas, talk and drink coffee, we're bringing back the Social Aspect of the Coffeehouse.....Conversation Encouraged!

  • East Sac Roastery & Coffeehouse Building has begun!

    48th St & Folsom Blvd will be the next location for our Roastery & new Coffeehouse.  

    Building has finally begun and they are swinging hammers like you've never seen before.  We are hoping for an April opening, so send good thoughts out to the universe for us! 

    Marc Foster Creative is building custom furniture, bar, lighting and all the cool stuff! We can't wait for everyone to see our new space, we'll have loads more room to explore all that is coffee with more classes, tastings and guest speakers...Get ready to Party!


    Sat. Feb 9th  HOME COFFEE BREWING | learn to make a great tasting cup of coffee at home from the pros 

    10-11am admission is free

    Sat Feb 23rd COFFEE TASTING | Learn to taste the differences in coffees, You'll be speaking our language with Sweetness, Fruit Acidity, Body and Aftertaste.

    10-11 am admission is free

  • Clint Williams gets Podium in Men's A Cyclocross Race

    CFCR Racer Clint Williams placed 5th in the Men's A Cyclocross Race over the weekend at Lange Twins Winery. Williams raced against current and former pros to grab a place on the Podium.  Great job and Congratulations to Clint, you're riding continues to amaze us, we're thrilled you are wearing the fish proudly.  Read more about this race on Nor Cal Cycling News

  • Kenya Dig it?

    On Thursday, October 25th, roughly 80 people gathered together in Chicago at Intelligentsia’s Coffee Bar for the 6th in a soon-to-be-concluded series of public cupping parties. 


    35 Kenyan coffees from 22 distinct roasters from as far away as Melbourne, London, and Copenhagen including Chocolate Fish Coffee Roasters were tasted.  

    The event itself was smooth and easy,  presided over by Intelligentsia co-owner Geoff Watts, who spoke to the crowd about his experiences in Kenya and why Kenyan coffees are so uniquely delicious.

    Quote Mr. Watts: “What we’re doing here today is really special. These are probably some of the best Kenyan coffees produced in the 2012 harvest season, and so this is really a treat. 

    I've cupped hundreds of Kenyan coffees in a room before, but never ones that have been pre-selected by top roasters. What an amazing opportunity.”

    Thanks for the invite, you guys Rock!

    read more

  • CFCR Sponsors Cyclocross Race

    Sunday October 21st  @  Old Sugar Mill in Clarksburg.  

    We'll have our tent with pour over coffee and selling 2012 Beer Glasses.  

    Come out to support our Cycling Team and have a day of fun.


    Find out more on

    follow our team on FB Chocolate Fish Coffee Roasters Cycling Team


  • Coffees on Bar now

    El Tontolo Manguito - Honduras.

    Los Popitos - Honduras.

    Amaro Gayo Natural - Ethiopia

    Lerida Estate - Panama.

  • Latte Art Throwdown

    Kyle’s last Hurrah as a Barista and your
    last time to challenge him to a
    Latte Art Throw Down
    Come celebrate as Kyle leaves for the
    Air Force Reserves

    Open to all working Baristas.

    SATURDAY jUNE 30th at 4P
    o n t h e p a t i o o f Q & 3 r d

  • World Barista Champion

    Congratulations to Raul Rodas of Guatemala for winning the 2012 World Barista Championship in Vienna, Austria. 

    World Barista Championship

  • Coffee with a Conscience

    An article on coffee certifications in Edible Sacramento go to page 9.

    Edible Sacramento

  • Iced Coffee

    Iced Brewing vs Cold Brewing

    Here is an interesting article debating the advantages and disadvantages of two iced coffee brewing methods written by Oliver Strand.

    I know what you did last summer

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Clint Williams gets Podium in Men's A Cyclocross Race

CFCR Racer Clint Williams placed 5th in the Men's A Cyclocross Race over the weekend at Lange Twins Winery. Williams raced against current and former pros to grab a place on the Podium.  Great job and Congratulations to Clint, you're riding continues to amaze us, we're thrilled you are wearing the fish proudly.  Read more about this race on Nor Cal Cycling News